No Money Upfront and Three (3) Months Grace Period of IOC


 Fees Makes Opening your In-Office


Cytometry Laboratory Financially Painless




IOC announces the most generous and convenient financing plan to setup and install your own in-office flow cytometry laboratory. Here are IOC’s terms:



  • 100% financing for the entire project (equipment, laboratory build out, software package and IOC down payment) from Knightsbridge Capital.
  • IOC’s set up and implementation fee can be part of the financing package from Knightsbridge Capital so no money is required upfront
  • After your lab begins processing samples, IOC will grant a three (3) grace period from its fees to help generate cash flow from operations (1st IOC bill will be sent in month four after lab launch) .
  • IOC only has “at risk” agreements. We only make money if your flow lab makes money. If an insurance plan’s fees are too low to perform testing, we will be the first to recommend referring that work to a reference lab.


The above is a sure fire way to make installing an office based flow cytometry laboratory as simple and painless as possible. No money down and up to three (3) months before any payments are required. Since Medicare and Medicaid usually reimburse within 30 days and private insurance plans reimburse at 90 days there is ample time to bill and collect for your new flow cytometry laboratory services and build cash flow. IOC labs operate at about a 70% profit margin. Do not be fooled. Advanced flow cytometry immunodeficiency laboratories installed by others do not operate at that level of profitability.


If your practice refers at least 20 samples/month for flow cytometry testing, you will qualify for this exciting new IOC financing program. At that volume your new lab will be above break even status. Also, if your practice has been in existence for 3 years you will be able to get financing for equipment, software, IOC’s down payment and laboratory build-out from Knightsbridge Capital. You will be qualified for a Section 179 tax credit which will cover all you need to finance this project. Additionally, $250,000 of credit is available with just your signature on an application. No one offers a better financing program in the industry.


Do not delay. Call our toll free number at 800.280.3785 and ask for your no charge proforma for an IOC flow cytometry laboratory in your practice.




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