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“From research bench to the specialist office”


IOC is an expert provider of compliant, turn key, in-office labs for clinical cytometry in specialty practices. IOC has currently over 84 high complexity testing installations in 30 states. No one has more high complexity testing in-office laboratories than IOC.


Success in adding in-office flow cytometry ancillary services comes from having the right business professionals on your side. With all the issues involved - credentialing, technical staffing, staff compensation, reimbursement, equipment selection, regulatory compliance, inspections, lab computer software, validation study, operational and legal issues - experienced flow cytometry business guidance is the difference between a quality in-office cytometry laboratory and a vulnerable one.


Let IOC’s vast business experience with the biggest names in laboratory medicine work for you. We are the experts for in-office flow cytometry. Why trust this important ancillary service to anyone but professionals?


After others sell you their equipment, they provide a list of consultants to assist you in navigating the installation of a cytometry laboratory. You have to decide which one of the consultants might be most helpful. Daunting? Certainly, because it takes about 3 months not including validation study of full time effort to provide a CLIA registered and CMS compliant cytometry laboratory for in-office quantitative testing. At IOC, we consider this to be a disjointed approach. Instead, IOC has a complete turn-key approach to provide you with an in-office flow cytometry laboratory.


With your current patient load, you don’t have the time (it takes 1,000 hours to setup an IOC cytometry lab in 90 working days excluding validation study) to put all the flow cytometry lab pieces together nor do you have detailed specific knowledge of the regulations, equipment/supplies, manuals required, staffing requirements, billing, credentialing, reimbursement, lab software, etc. Time is still money. At IOC we have over 40+ years of laboratory experience plus the infrastructure to efficiently handle this task for you on a fully turn-key basis. Our expertise and experience will assure that you have the best laboratory for your practice and your patients. You see patients. We take care of cytometry for you.


We provide an "at risk" fee schedule with our turn-key services, arranged with 100% start-up financing at competitive rates. Plus, we provide ongoing oversight management services to keep your lab compliant and productive. Since government regulations do change, we collaborate with you for the long term in this business venture. “To qualify for our model all you need is 20 samples/month sent out to your reference cytometry laboratory.”


We do not have day jobs working for reference labs or hospitals. We do not own a laboratory equipment company trying to unload equipment. We do not own a reagent company. We do this full time as our core business. We do it better than anyone else.




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